AI for Web3

Building the new AI infrastructure standard in Web3.

Alphakek is fundamentally transforming the Web3 landscape by deploying a robust, tailor-made AI infrastructure that our partners and users can leverage the true potential of AI in cryptocurrency, making Alphakek a cornerstone in the evolution of intelligent digital finance.

Our dedicated, unbiased AI Models and the proprietary data engine dissect financial data with unmatched precision, elevating our platform above the common "ChatGPT wrappers" pervasive in the industry.

For Consumers

Alphakek provides enriched crypto research and insights through a sophisticated chatbot available on the web, Telegram, and Discord, along with a suite of predictive alpha alerts.

For Enterprises

We offer a robust alternative to OpenAI with crypto-centric AI Models designed to empower crypto projects with actionable, reliable market analytics. Using Alphakek AI's text generation models, you can build applications for:

  • Crypto research

  • Community management

  • Powering market and trading alerts

  • Drafting documents

  • Answering questions about a knowledge base

  • Analyzing texts

  • Tutoring a range of financial topics

Our Alpha API is OpenAI-compatible: you need to change only three lines of code to get started! See API Usage Examples for more details.

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