The deflationary tokenomics of $AIKEK are designed for sustainability and user empowerment, supporting platform development and scalability while giving users a say in the project's direction through DAO voting.


Most of Alphakek's products and services are token-gated, seamlessly combining blockchain and AI technologies. In other words, holding $AIKEK may be required to access them. For more information, refer to User Tiers and API Credits.

Token Mechanics

  • Token Type: $AIKEK enables earning App credits and participates in DAO voting.

  • Distribution Channels: All tokens are available on Uniswap.

  • Deflationary: 33% of token tax is allocated to Buyback & Burn.

  • Max Supply: 256 million $AIKEK tokens.

  • Circulating Supply: 242.88 million $AIKEK tokens (94.88% of max).

  • Burned: 13.12 million $AIKEK tokens (5.12% of max).

Revenue Model

  • API Revenue: Similar to OpenAI's model, Alphakek's primary revenue stream comes from its APIs, which allows other platforms and developers to access its powerful AI tools.

  • White Label Solutions: Developing custom integrations for B2B customers.

  • Token Tax: Each $AIKEK tokens transaction incurs a 4% buy/sell tax on Uniswap.

This model ensures continuous development and enhancement of our AI capabilities while providing value to a wide range of users and industries.

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