🐸Custom Meme Generator

Democratize meme creation within your community.

We offer a white labeled version of Alpha Visuals, our AI image generator, tailored for your project, its meme, mascot, or other branded visuals. After training your AI image model, you'll be able to streamline your visual content creation and enhance engagement. Currently available on Telegram and soon Discord and Alphakek web app.


  • Brand Consistency: All graphics will align with your project’s visual identity.

  • Efficiency: Streamline the process of creating high-quality, branded visuals.

  • Community Engagement: Empower your community members to create on-brand content via a fun and interactive tool.

Getting Started

  1. Initial Setup: Design and deploy a branded bot on Telegram or Discord.

  2. Fine-Tuning: Collect and use example images of the project’s mascot or other visuals to fine-tune the AI model. We employ a proprietary training process to improve quality and accuracy.

  3. Testing Phase: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the output meets the desired quality and standards.

  4. Deployment: Launch the custom image generator bot for use within the community, providing ongoing support and updates as needed.

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