📖Token Disclosure

$AIKEK is a utility token designed specifically for use within the AlphaKEK AI ecosystem, including accessing its AI applications, usage credits, and governance voting.

Risk Factors

  1. No Profit Guarantee: Holding $AIKEK tokens does not guarantee profits; the purchase of tokens should not be viewed as an investment.

  2. Risk of Loss: Investment in cryptocurrencies can result in partial or total loss of funds. Please consider your financial condition before investing.

  3. Market Volatility: The value of $AIKEK can fluctuate significantly, leading to potential rapid increases or decreases in value influenced by market trends and external factors.

  4. Regulatory Risks: Changes in cryptocurrency regulations may impact the use and value of $AIKEK.

  5. Technological Risks: Technological issues, including disruptions in service, could impact the functionality and availability of $AIKEK.

  6. Liquidity Risk: $AIKEK may experience periods of varying liquidity, impacting your ability to buy or sell the tokens without affecting the market price.


The $AIKEK token does not confer any claims of ownership, rights to dividends, or rights to assets. It is a utility token with specific uses in the AlphaKEK AI ecosystem and carries no rights beyond those uses.

By purchasing or using $AIKEK tokens, you acknowledge that you understand these risks and the speculative nature of $AIKEK and the broader cryptocurrency market.

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