🗣️Chat Summary

Empower your community with chat insights.

The Chat Summary function, powered by Fractal, enhances communication efficiency by providing concise summaries of past discussions within chat platforms. This feature is accessible by adding the AlphaKEK bot as an admin in your chat and using the /summarize command. You can even provide a prompt after /summarize!


Features & Benefits

  • Capacity: Currently capable of summarizing up to 1000 past messages, the bot offers tailored summaries based on user tier permissions.

  • Memory: It also retains past summaries to track trends and narrative evolution within the chat, offering a comprehensive understanding over time.

  • Privacy: The bot starts collecting data only after it has been added to the chat, ensuring privacy and relevance in the data it accesses and summarizes.

  • Efficiency: Quickly catch up on past discussions without manually scrolling through hundreds of messages. Keeps users informed about the latest developments and discussion shifts without constant monitoring.

  • Clarity: Provides clear and actionable insights by distilling extended conversations into essential information.

Practical Applications

  • For Professionals: Enables business professionals to stay updated with essential communications without dedicating extensive time to read through every chat.

  • Community Managers: Assists in monitoring community engagement and sentiment efficiently.

  • Rewards: By integrating chat summaries with scoring systems and leaderboards, projects can reward active and helpful community members. This can be done by analyzing chat contributions quantitatively and qualitatively, assigning scores based on the value and frequency of contributions, and fostering a vibrant and collaborative community environment.

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