The list of commands supported by our Telegram and Discord bots.


  • /show_commands - show all commands

  • /login - log in to ALPHAKEK AI

  • /logout - log out from ALPHAKEK AI

  • /account - view your user tier and breakdown of $AIKEK holdings

  • /kek - get $AIKEK stats


  • /ask [question] - ask ALPHAKEK AI a question, uncensored mode is always on

  • /ask_detailed [question] - ask AI a question and get a detailed report, takes 2-3 minutes

  • /ask_biz [question] - ask AI a question, only use 4chan /biz/ data

  • /t [ticker_or_address] - get token info

  • /visualize [market topic] - visualize market data for a given topic

  • /summarize - get a summary of the chat

  • /tldr [link] - get a summary of a website or article

  • /random - do a random thing :D

General advice for research-related commands: shorter prompts work better than longer ones.


  • /image [prompt] - generate an image from a prompt

  • /effect [attach image + optional prompt] - universal AI filter

  • /retro [attach image] - gives the image a retro "PlayStation 1" effect, is the first of many /effect "presets"

  • /mirage [attach image + optional prompt] - illusion diffusion; transforms images into surreal, optical illusions

  • /meme [prompt] - generate a meme image

  • /imagev [prompt] - generate a vertical image from a prompt

  • /imagew [prompt] - generate a wide image from a prompt

  • /imagesq [prompt] - generate a square image from a prompt

  • /aspect_ig [attach image] - convert aspect ratio to Instagram standards

  • /interrupt - cancel /aspect_ig operation

Unlike the Research commands, image-related commands work better with longer prompts. The bot will use one of the predefined effects if the prompt is empty.


  • /video [prompt] - generate a video from a prompt

  • /video [attach image] - generate a video from an image

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