💳User Tiers

Alpha Chat usage credits are exclusively obtained by holding $AIKEK tokens in your wallet; they cannot be purchased. Increase your $AIKEK holdings to automatically upgrade to a higher user tier and unlock enhanced features.


For individuals exploring our platform for the first time.

For committed users who want deeper crypto insights to stay ahead.

For professionals seeking comprehensive control and extensive features.

Hold $0 of $AIKEK

Hold $100 of $AIKEK

Hold $1000 of $AIKEK

Limited Access:

Everything in Basic, plus:

Everything in Holder, plus:

  • Use Alpha Chat privately via Telegram direct messages; unlimited use

  • Access to Eclipse, our most capable model

  • AI Reports

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • 5 additional News Search results

  • Bigger context window for Chat Summary

  • Full AI Reports

  • Full Sentiment Analysis

  • Detailed Data Sources

  • 10 additional News Search results

  • No watermark on generated images

Receives 5 Credits upon signing up.

Earns 5 Credits per 30 minutes; 50 credit cap.

Earns 15 Credits per 30 minutes; 250 credit cap.


  • Using Alphakek services does not spend any of your $AIKEK tokens.

  • The pricing model is in development and is subject to change.

Additional Credits

Now, owning an .aikek domain applies to your Alphakek AI user tier. For instance, if you own an .aikek domain worth 4,000 $AIKEK, the 4,000 token value will contribute towards your existing Alphakek app access.

Buy an .aikek domain here.

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