Introducing AlphaKEK AI's powerful proprietary data engine.


At the core of Alphakek's technology stack lies Fractal, a state-of-the-art data engine uniquely designed to serve the Web3 ecosystem. A first of its kind, Fractal leverages extensive data sources ranging from mainstream financial media to niche crypto forums, and provides a comprehensive analysis platform that enriches AI outputs with diverse market insights.

Fractal embodies the culmination of founder Vladimir Sotnikov’s expertise in AI and machine learning. His work, recognized by both OpenAI and NVIDIA, forms the backbone of this powerful tool. Fractal processes data with unparalleled efficiency, handling up to 5x more information sources simultaneously compared to traditional AI models.


Future Impact

As the first data processing engine specifically designed for AI models within the crypto space, Fractal not only sets a new standard in data utilization but also significantly enhances the analytical capabilities of AI applications in cryptocurrency.

It represents a pivotal advancement in how data is used to drive intelligent decisions in Web3, ensuring Alphakek remains at the forefront of technological innovation in the crypto industry.

Fractal is future-proof: it's developed to be the ultimate crypto data environment for Alpha Agents.

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