⛓️Alpha API

AI-as-a-Service for your tools and applications.

Alphakek AI gives developers access to all of our functionalities via open, modular, and composable APIs. These functions include Alpha Chat, Alpha Toolkit, and Alpha Visuals.

Suitable applications include chatbots, crypto research, community management, trade alerts, content creation, image generators, and much more.


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To start using the API, the user must first obtain the access token. After logging in with Metamask or WalletConnect on alphakek.ai, open the API Keys tab on the user profile page.

Note that the newly created token will never be shown on the screen. Instead, it will be copied to the copy buffer immediately for security reasons.

Account Data

The /account endpoint allows users to see their current balances of:

This API endpoint is free to use.

📖pageAPI Usage Examples

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