🛠️Alpha Toolkit API

Get crypto market insights in real-time.

Most of our Toolkit API endpoints are still private but will be released soon.

Fetch the most recent crypto market news and discussions.


  • query: what you want to search for; the more specific, the better.

  • count: how many documents to return. Allowed range: 1-20, default: 10.

  • offset: how many documents to skip.

  • sort_by: whether to sort documents by date or by their relevance score. We recommend using date for most cases, but relevance could work better for very niche queries.

  • sources: categories of documents to search. Should include at least one of those: news, 4chan.

Note that at the moment, the summary field of each document returned by this endpoint will be equal to null.

Coming in the next update

  • More structured data fields (hashtags, impact, assets mentioned, market sectors, etc.)

  • Custom threshold for the similarity score

  • Return the contents of the summary field

API Costs

The pricing for Toolkit API is per request and depends on the model used. Learn more about API Credits at API Credits.

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