💬Alpha Chat

Our flagship chatbot for crypto research and analysis.

Alpha Chat is your AI copilot specifically designed for Web3 research and exploration, evolving strategically to meet the complex and fast-paced needs of the cryptocurrency landscape. It offers real-time insights and tailored in-depth analyses, making it an essential tool for investors, traders, alpha hunters, and content creators within the dynamic Web3 ecosystem.


  • Comprehensive Database: Alpha Chat leverages over 48,000+ documents (as of April 2024), including mainstream sources like CNBC and niche segments like 4chan /biz/, as well as direct access to on-chain data, smart contract details, and historical news data dating back to September 2023.

  • Diverse Use Cases: Ideal for content generation, market analysis, educational purposes, and uncovering hidden opportunities ('alpha') in crypto and finance.

  • Real-Time Updates: Unlike other AI models with fixed knowledge cutoffs, Alpha Chat continuously updates its database to reflect the latest developments in the crypto world.

  • On-chain data: Alpha Chat is integrated with Alpha Toolkit, allowing to query information from both Web2 and Web3.

📖pageAlpha Chat vs. ChatGPT

How to Get Started

  1. Choose Your Platform: Access Alpha Chat via our Web App, Telegram, or Discord.

  2. Interact with Alpha Chat: Simply type your query to start receiving tailored insights and analyses.

  3. Explore Advanced Features: Utilize the extensive features for deep dives into market trends, contract analysis, and educational content.


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