🤖Custom Chatbot

Your AI partner, seamlessly integrated into your brand’s ecosystem.

This white-label solution transforms Alpha Chat into a powerful asset for your business, providing a scalable, intelligent tool that grows with your needs. It leverages AlphaKEK's cutting-edge AI infrastructure to deliver a conversational assistant that’s always on, informed, and ready to assist.


  • Tailored Persona: Aligns the chatbot’s tone and personality with your brand’s identity.

  • Custom Data Integration: Equips your bot with deep, industry-specific knowledge, utilizing both public and private data.

  • Intelligent Responses: Effortlessly retrieves and processes large volumes of unstructured data, providing responses that meet your organizational needs.

  • Bespoke Commands: Allows for the creation of custom commands that are directly relevant to your business activities.


Key Use Cases

  • Community Engagement: Enhances member interactions with responsive and informed support.

  • Crypto Research: Contains all of the research commands of Alpha Chat, including Token Audit, Sentiment Analysis, Chat Summary, and much more!

  • Internal Training: Facilitates the onboarding process and provides ongoing training, making every team member an expert.

  • Content Engine: Powers content creation across multiple platforms, from newsletters to social media posts.

View Alpha Chat for a full list of available commands for your custom chatbot. Contact us to apply.

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