👁️‍🗨️Alpha Toolkit

The Alpha Toolkit is set to revolutionize the crypto trading experience with its advanced token and market alerts. Currently in development and not yet available to the public, this toolkit promises to enhance decision-making with powerful insights derived from over 45,000 data points across Web2 and Web3.


  • Sentiment Analysis: Gain early insights into market sentiments with charts that illustrate the emotional tone behind various cryptocurrencies and topics.

  • Cross-Correlation Analysis: This feature will offer predictive insights into how various tokens and topics might interact with each other in the market.

  • Specialized Alerts: Be the first to know about potential market shifts with alerts such as the Black Swan Alert, which detects bearish trends early.

  • Customizable Alerts: In the future, users will be able to create or modify alerts to suit their specific trading needs and strategies.

  • Token Audit: Rigorously assess tokens for potential risks and investment quality.

  • News Search: Stay updated with real-time news aggregation that impacts crypto markets.

Why Alpha Toolkit?

Designed as an alpha alerts system on steroids, the Alpha Toolkit aims to provide crypto traders and analysts with a comprehensive tool for navigating the complex market landscape.

We are sharing our development journey early to incorporate user feedback and refine our tools to better meet the community's needs. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what AI can achieve in crypto analysis.

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